Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A new project at last!

OK then, so a friend of mine suggested I have a play with ESXi and offered me some old unused kit for me to play with.
My current set-up is getting a bit old and I'm limited in the fiddling I can do as the missus and kids complain when I break the server again as it dishes out all my media, so I figured why not.
So I have myself a barely used Atom 330 ITX board with 4G of ram.
I decided I needed some new storage as the 500G disk I have is getting on and full so I'm currently using various USB drives to bolster capacity.
My new 2T drive arrived today so that should fit the bill.
I'm planning to boot from USB and have all of my various disks as storage.
I still have to get a PSU and some sort of box to put it all in do have an old tower so may use that.
Once set up the plan is to migrate the existing server to a virtual and then maybe set-up a couple of other virtuals to play with and maybe even set-up the old server with another ESXi set-up.
Anyway enough of that for now I will post more when I have any progress.

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